Custom Made Brake Hoses & Lines


We are now able to build just about any brake or clutch hose that may be requested!

We have access to over 500 different fittings, 344 of which we keep in stock. If we do not have the correct fittings and the old hose is available, we can reuse the old fittings. We have fittings called "lifesavers" which allow us to do so. These fittings are silver soldered on to your old fitting and are pressure tested to 3000 psi to ensure their durability. The pictures above are types of brake hoses which we can build.

Brake Hoses:

General Information:

Stainless Steel hose

Available in Blue, Red, Smoke, Clear, and Kawasaki Green

Benefits of Stainless Steel Brake Lines:

  • Reduces braking distance during a panic stop
  • Eliminates pedal sponginess under heavy braking
  • Gives immediate brake pedal repsonse
  • Provides compatibility with all brake fluids
  • Gives a custom look for your vehicle
Hydraulic brake tube
  • Complies with DOT standards.
  • OEM on luxury European vehicles.
  • Doesn’t rust or corrode.
  • Polishes to a brilliant finish.
  • Very easy to work with.
  • Does not require bending tools.
  • Avaliable in the following sizes: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"

If you are interested in determining how to know if your hoses are bad or not CLICK HERE!

For more information about these brake products visit BrakeQuip. We are a authorized distributor for BrakeQuip. Please contact us about any other products you are interested in from BrakeQuip which are not listed in this page.

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