Here at Aquia Car Care, we want your car leaving our shop fixed right. We use up to date machines which help us meet that goal.

We use top of the line Hunter Engineering alignment machine. This machine features the latest in alignment system technology including the new DSP600 Digital Imaging Alignment sensors for Picture Perfect® alignment.

With this machine we are able to do up to 24 inch wheels and can align cars with ground effects and other such obstructions that have to be removed so older machines can work. We have also added the extensions on to the rack to do larger trucks.


Tire and Wheel Removal

We use the Hunter Engineering TC3500 tire changer that will safely change the world's toughest new performance tire and wheel combinations. We can dismount any low profile tire from any wheel with out harming the beautiful chrome or polished aluminum. This machine allows us to dismount and mount wheels up to 24".


The newest addition to our equipment is the Hunter Engineering TCX550. This machine services virtually everything from simple steel wheels to difficult low-profile and run-flat tires mounted on large, custom alloy wheels. The patented, wheel-centered Bead Press System aids in blocking and pressing stiff, low-profile tire beads into deep drop-center wheels.
The black arms provide assistance in mounting and demounting stiff sidewall tires and wheels up to 28” in diameter.

Tire and Wheel Balancing

We use the Hunter Engineering GSP9700 Road Force Measurement® System balancer. It provides a tire assembly “road test” while mounted on the unit. Locates and eliminates virtually every cause of wheel vibration relating to the tire and rim. Features StraightTrak® LFM which eliminates tire-related pull problems by balancing lateral forces on the front axle. With this machine, we are able to place the tires on the car for the least vibration or least pull. Just because you buy new tires doesn't mean they are perfect! For more information visit: Hunter Engineering GSP9700


Diagnostic Repair

Our technicians own their own personal scanners. One of these is the Snap-On MODIS™ System. Its a new and innovative diagnostic platform that allows technicians to pinpoint and diagnose today's sophisticated vehicles faster. The MODIS™ System incorporates the Color Graphing Scanner™ scan tool with Fast-Track® Troubleshooter software, the industry's only experience-based troubleshooting software. This scanner helps him to track and repair problems in a timely manner.



The newest addition to our shop is the Hunter Engineering On the Car Brake Lathe. The patented ServoDrive™ variable drive system enables technicians to service rotors by providing variable speed and rotational torque during compensation and machining. The ServoDrive system allows service of rear locking differentials popular on light trucks and SUVs without the need to remove or disengage drive line components. The machine also has the new Anti Chatter Technology (ACT) feature which oscillates the machining speed of the lathe and eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining at a fixed speed. This method provides a smoother finish that prevents pedal pulsation - the number one cause of brake service customer “comebacks”.
We are now able to fabricate our own hoses. There have been many occasions where the availability of brake hoses have caused normal jobs to sit on the lift and tie up our customer's time. With this new technology we are now able to build any brake or clutch hose for any vehicle. For more information Click Here.

Air Conditioning Service

We use the Viper GT Air Conditioning R134A & R12 Service Center. This machine recovers the remaining Freon out of the vehicle and measures how much was pulled out. Then the vehicle is put into a vacuum to check for leaks and remove any additional pressure. Usually while in the vacuum state we add two ounces of florescent oil which also helps to identify leaks. Last the vehicle is charged with Freon. The machine electronically measures how much Freon is exchanged.
Transmission Flush
We use the BG Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System. It dissolves and removes harmful deposits from critical transmission components and exchanges the old, oxidized ATF for new fluid of the exact specifications required by the car manufacturer. When the exchange is complete the unit simply goes on bypass and sends the incoming new fluid through its normal route back to the transmission. The old fluid is safely captured inside the unit where it will remain until it’s time to refill for the next service. It has a complete set of adaptors needed to hook up to almost any type of vehicle. It can be recharged just before the next service, allowing the unit to be loaded with the exact spec fluid required for each service. This machine also has a pump that can be used for vehicles with low pressure lines. This service usually takes about a hour to complete. For a demonstration of what this service does Click Here.
BG Transmission Flush Machine

Power Steering Flush

We use the BG Power Steering Service Center. It provides remarkably effective clean-up of both conventional sector and rack-and-pinion power steering units. The entire power steering system is flushed and replenished with new fluid in one simple operation without entrapment of air within the components. Removes contaminated fluid, abrasive wear metals and debris that grind away at valves and seals. This service is highly recommended for the simple reason that the power steering system does not have a filter which will trap harmful deposits. For a demonstration of what this service does Click Here.
BG Power Steering Flush Machine

Engine Coolant Flush

We use the BG CT2 Coolant Transfusion System. It installs new 50/50 coolant into a vehicle’s cooling system while simultaneously removing the old coolant. Most vehicles can be serviced with the engine off, thus preventing the common problem of continuous intermixing of new and used coolant due to the closing and opening of the thermostat. This process backflushes the vehicle’s cooling system, removing scale and debris not accessible when going with the normal direction of coolant flow. This machine also helps us to keep a cleaner working environment and less of a chance of any water pollution. For a demonstration of what this service does Click Here.
BG Cooling Flush Machine

Fuel Induction Service

We use the BG Inject-A-Flush® Apparatus which provides a highly effective cleaning of the entire fuel system. It is designed to be used with BG Air Intake System Cleaner. The service also includes of BG 44K which rapidly and thoroughly removes engine deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves. It restores flow in fuel injectors and cleans the entire fuel system. This service can improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. It actually restores that “like new” driveability to an engine’s performance and keeps it running better, longer and more efficiently. For a demonstration of what this service does Click Here.
Fuel Induction Service Apparatus



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